We are super happy to announce that you are now able to put reminders on your contracts! Reminders will make you contract management even more straightforward and allow you to keep track of all your important contracts.

How to set a reminder

You can find the reminders on your sent contracts in the "Contracts" section. To add a reminder on a contract, simply:

  1. Click the reminder icon
  2. Insert a title of the reminder, eg. "Renew contract"
  3. Choose the date you would like to be reminded
  4. Choose if you would like to set an additional reminder a couple of days before the deadline.
  5. Lastly click "Add reminder"

When a reminder reaches the deadline

When a reminder is near it's deadline, the color of the reminder will change to yellow to indicate that action needs to be taken on this contract soon. 

When the reminder has reached the day of the deadline, it will turn red and a notification will be sent to you, both on the platform and by email, so that you are sure to be notified to take action on the specific contract.

You can mark the reminder as "done" straight through the notification-box!

Reminders in drafts

Just before the signature field, you have the option to add a reminder, as seen below.

NOTE: Reminders are for internal use, which means that only you will receive a reminder when deadline is reached. The recipient(s) will not receive any reminders that you have set on your contracts.

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